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PoE Network Switch

PoE Capable

This product is intended to be purchased by installers only


This Power over Ethernet switch is designed to comply with your specifications. Through the PoE function, your security and surveillance equipment will remain fully operative through the connection of a single Category Ethernet cable, safeguarding the transfer of power and transmission, simultaneously.

What Makes this PoE Switch Different?

Normal, Secure, and Surveillance modes enable you to customize the overall functionality of your networking system with 825ft of transmission distance on Extend mode. This switch also has the ability to heighten the versatility of your network, eliminating the concern of an accessible power outlet in close proximity when it comes to your cameras and other security equipment. Save time and money through continued assurance the capabilities of the PoE Network Switch from Uniview. Also, be sure to see our entire line of Uniview Tec cameras.

Switch Network Overview


  • 100Mbps RJ45 PoE ports
  • 100Mbps RJ45 Network ports
  • Support buffer optimization and port traffic control
  • Multiple working modes to address all applications: Normal, Secure and Surveillance
  • PoE complies with IEEE802.3af/at, up to 30W for single port
  • Up to 825ft (250m) transmission distance on EXTEND mode
  • High quality, metal housing