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Rackmount Rear Cable Support Bar, 24 Port, 1U

SKU PP4-3506-1U


  • Mfr Part Number: PP4-3506-1U

    Rackmount Rear Cable Support Bar, 24 Port, 1U

    This 24 port cable support bar is a perfect accessory to provide additional weight support for a 1U 24-port or 2U 48-port patch panel (using 1 bar per 1U Rackspace). Can also be used for 3U and 4U patch panels with 24-ports per U if desired. Reverse pre-numbering to match front-side left-to-right port patch panel numbering helps simplify and organize cable configuration.

    The 1U Rear Cable Support Bar has a rugged black powder-coat to match your racks and cabinets and pre-numbered 24 cable anchor points for installing cable ties. Keeps rear cables neatly organized and supported ensuring maximum communication performance by minimizing cable movement that may cause cables to wiggle loose. Fits in any standard 19"" rack, bracket, cabinet or enclosure.

  • Features:
  • Fits standard 19"" racks and enclosures
  • Occupies 1U of rackspace on the back side of 1U of patch panel space
  • Install 1 Support Bar per 1U of Patch Panel
  • Keep cables neatly organized and supported
  • For 24 Port Patch Panels