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Plenum Quad Shield Pro Snap N Seal® Universal F-Type RG6 Coax Cable Connector - Green Ring - 25pc Bag

SKU CN2-7885-RG6P

Former Part Number: CN2-1728-RG6P


Plenum Quad F-Type Pro Snap N Seal® RG6 Coax Cable Connector

The RG6 Quad Plenum Pro Snap N Seal® Universal F Connector uses a patented detachable plastic sleeve guide made to assist with the insertion of a cable conductor. This removable sleeve simplifies the cable installation procedure. As the conductor is inserted into the back of the ProSNS™ RG6 Universal F Connector, the plastic guide is pushed forward and out from the front of the connector.

The F connector guide detaches and falls out once the cable is properly inserted, making it easy for the installer to see that the conductor is inserted properly. The internal O-ring at the base of the nut facilitates installation. The ProSNS™ technology makes this high-quality Universal F Connector install in a snap.

Where to use Coaxial Cable

A broad range of applications exists for coaxial cabling. It is widely used with home entertainment equipment such as Cable Television (CATV) and TV Cable Wire, Digital HDTV, Audio / Video, and Digital Satellite. It is also used with security cameras and GPS Systems.


Coaxial Cable is used to transmit radiofrequency energy. The advantage of coaxial is that the electromagnetic field carrying the signal occurs only in the space between the inner and outer conductors. With that said, it allows the cable to be installed next to metal objects without power loss. Coaxial Cable also provides protection of the signal from external electromagnetic interference. Coaxial Cables connect radio transmitters and receivers to their antennas, computer network (Internet) connections, digital audio (S/PDIF), and distributing cable television signals.



  • No Blind Cable Entry
  • Easy to Compress
  • Fits Standard and Quad Shielded Plenum Coaxial Cable
  • Green Ring
  • Supports 4K, Ultra HD & GBPS Networks
  • 75 Ohm Impedance
  • 3GHz. Performance

Additional Information  

Additional Information

To learn more about our RG6 Coaxial Cable Connectors here is a link to a page containing more information on our premium RG6 Coaxial Cable Connectors.

Installation Instructions

  1. Fold back braid and position connector.
  2. Push cable end into the connector until cable dielectric is flush with the end of the post.
  3. Compress connector sleeve.

What's In the Box

What's In the Box

  • Qty 1 - 25pc Bag RG6 Quad Plenum Pro Snap N Seal® Universal F-Type Connectors