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Xantech 286D Blink-IR Dual Designer Emitter



  • Mfr Part Number: XANTECH-286D10P

    Xantech 286D Blink-IR Dual Designer Emitter (10 Pk)

    The 286D Dual Blink-IR Designer Emitter contains small infrared LED's housed in a miniature, designer styled, black appearing, injection molded plastic shell. Unlike other emitters, the 286D emits visible red light in addition to IR (infrared) control signals when activated by IR commands sent to it by IR receivers or other Xantech controllers. The emitters of the 286D are wired in series and are designed to be installed directly on the IR sensor windows of the controlled components.
  • Features
  • Simply insert the mono mini plug of the 286D emitter into the "EMITTERS" or "OUT" jacks on any of the Xantech Connecting Blocks or Controllers.
  • Indicates the presence of stray IR or RF interference by randomly blinking when no IR control signal is being sent. Reposition the IR receiver of the interfering source to eliminate or reduce the random blinking.
  • Length of wire: 7 feet to junction, 3 feet to each emitter